Sunday, 18 November 2012

Circle Skirt

My four-year-old loves to wear skirts and leggings (often together).  I've been finding that lately, they aren't selling skirts for her size in the stores.  I've decided to make her a skirt (and some leggings) for Christmas.  I figured that a circle skirt would an good way to go.  I found this tutorial at MADE and chose a pink jersey knit to get started.  My daughter measures 21" around the waist and I decided to make the skirt about 11" long so that it comes to her knee level.  I cut out the circle of fabric according to the tutorial and serged the edges.  

I then serged the elastic edges together and fastened them down with a straight stitch.  I covered this up with one of my new fancy labels!  I pinned the skirt to the elastic, being sure to line the front and back of the skirt up with that of the elastic.

I stitched the elastic to the skirt using a straight stitch, being sure to stretch the elastic to match the skirt, as detailed in the tutorial.

I haven't hemmed the skirt, it isn't necessary with the knit fabric and I wasn't sure how long the skirt was actually going to be on my little one.  I will include photos of my daughter wearing the skirt after she receives her present...hopefully she likes it!

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