Sunday, 13 January 2013

Christmas bags

In an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, I decided that I would make some more snack bags for people as Christmas gifts.  I chose to make a few that were a bit larger so you could even put a sandwich inside.  Not necessarily, a wet soggy sandwich but definitely something that wasn't too moist!
I thought that my sister and brother-in-law would be perfect recipients, as they could also put snacks including nuts or candies in them.  I chose fabric for their bags that was a little representative of their personalities or that perhaps made me think of them.  
My brother-in-law got two bags, one with spiderman fabric;

and this great Mr. Potato Head fabric.

For my sister, I chose this Lorax fabric.

The inside of the bags were lined with nylon and I included my tags to show them it was handmade.

I made another bag for my daughter, she was with me when I was selecting the fabric and she insisted that she wanted some of the Little Mermaid.  She's since put her stickers inside...not my original intention but it works for now, especially when she doesn't need snacks for school.  

I also stumbled across this fabric (All I want for Christmas from the Alexander Henry Fabric Collection).  I had to buy a ton of it because I loved it so much.  My intention was to make bags to go under the tree instead of wrapping paper, but I was too busy making actual presents that I never got around to making the bags.  I am figuring that if I make them now I will be ready for next year and won't need to worry about them.  But, this fabric was perfect for a friend of mine.  I figured she could use it for her snacks (even though it is seasonal), but she's found her own special use for it.  

All of these bags have zipper closures (which aren't that pricey), but I am thinking that I may cut down on cost if I switch to a velcro closure.  I wanted something that would seal off the whole bag so you won't be dropping snacks everywhere you go, as well as something that would be easily washable.  I may get a little adventurous and see what I come up with! 

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