Saturday, 5 January 2013

Everyone needs a pincushion!

Especially a cute hedgehog one!  I saw the pattern for this adorable hedgehog pincushion on the 2012 Handmade Holiday list.  It was too cute to pass up, so I ran out to the fabric store to grab some faux fur and some felted wool.   The pattern pieces were super easy to cut out.  It was a bit tough sewing the little pieces together.  

On the first go around, I was having some troubles lining the two sides up so that the fur would start at the same spot on either side of the head.  I also needed to be careful with the fur, it was a bit on the longer side and I didn't want to clip it while cutting or get it sewn on the inside of the pincushion.

I think on my next go around with this pattern, I may add sand or steel wool inside the hedgehog so that it sharpens pins as you use it.  The sand would also give it a nice weight for sitting on your sewing table.  I was happy with her and figured she would make the perfect Christmas gift for my friend who sews!  Of course, my eldest daughter promptly asked for her own hedgehog...I started to think about perhaps making her a larger size pillow version for her bed.  We'll have to see. 

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