Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Birthday Owls and Swim Bags

Back in May, my daughter turned four and for her birthday party we had a slumber party with two of her best friends.  The theme of the party was a Night Owl party as I figured that none of the kids were going to get any sleep (I also loved this idea from SnowyBliss)!  The girls ending having a great time, they decorated cupcakes, painted and slept in a tent in our living room.
To go with the theme of the party, I made a few favours for the girls.  One of the things that I loved from the SnowyBliss party was the owl stuffy.  I decided to buy the pattern and make each girl their own owl, which would hopefully help them to feel comfortable enough to sleep in a strange house!  I made all of the owls the same, giving them each a frilly skirt and altering the colours just a bit between all three.  I ended up using fleece to make the owls as I figured it may be necessary to wash them at some point and in my opinion fleece is just a bit more cuddly then felt.  I also ended up using my machine to blanket stitch around the eyes and stomach.  I figured it would save me tons of time.  Below is a photo of my daughter's little owl.

At the end of the party, I gave each little girl a treat bag.  I ended up making little bags that I filled with a few things that the girls would enjoy.  The bags themselves are simple with a quilting cotton on the exterior, the lining is waterproof.  All of the girls have done swimming lessons together and I figured these bags could be used to put their wet bathing suits into after going to the pool.

Here you can see the inner lining of the bag that is waterproof.

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