Monday, 3 September 2012

Tea and Crumpets Apron

I have a friend who is just one of those women who in my eyes, does everything beautifully in the kitchen!  It was her birthday (a million months ago) and I wanted to make her an apron that would be fancy and frilly!  So, I did some internet research and chose the Anthropologie Tea and Crumpets Apron.  I was delighted to discover that there were others who had tried their hand at making this apron, and I even found a free pattern that was available.
I used the pattern and other blogs as suggestions for my own apron design.  I decided to go with a darker colour as my aprons are usually covered in food whenever I cook!  I chose a Kona black for the main body of the apron.

I loved the ruffling everywhere it makes it so pretty and dainty looking. 

After making this apron, I realized that there were a few things I would change...
For the neck strap, I only used one continuous piece of fabric, these means that it isn't adjustable.  While I thought that would be ok, it would actually be nice to adjust that piece to make it tighter or looser.  Perhaps a clip of some sort would be good?
The original apron is quite gathered in the skirt part, I was intending on doing this as well but ended up getting swept up in the sewing and forgot all about it.  My next apron will take that into account.  
I really love the way the white piping around the waistband looks.  This part was super finicky and it was really hard to get it so that just the right amount of white material was showing.  I had to play around a lot with the waistband, in the end I was happy with the way it looked, but I used my seam ripper A LOT!  Overall, I was pretty happy with the way the apron turned out.  I would likely do it again but be sure to include those minor adjustments.

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