Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Snack sacks

My little family is heading out on an adventure this coming weekend.  We are flying to Toronto to visit with family.  It will likely be a busy few weeks but we are all looking forward to it.  I thought that it would make things easier if we had a few reusable bags for snacks, this would help cut down on Ziploc bags and also save space because I wouldn't need to carry Tupperware everywhere.

I used some quilting cotton scraps that I had on hand, some nylon for the lining and 7" zippers.  I figured the lining would keep the bags semi-waterproof, but would also allow for the bags to be washable.  My eldest daughter helped to choose the zipper colors, they weren't what I would have chosen but in the end I think they look pretty good.  Perhaps next time I will add a little tab on the end of the bag to make it easier for little hands to open.  Overall, these little bags were really quick to whip up and they should come in handy for our little vacation!

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