Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sleep Sack

My second little one is quite the kicker, while she sleeps.  Ever since she was born she kicks her blankets off as soon as you lie her down and they somehow manage to get from her feet up to her head.  A good friend of mine, made her a lovely sleep sack, it was lined with minke, making it so cozy. This was the perfect gift for my little kicker!

I've since tried to make 2 sleep sacks of my own.  The first one has snaps on the shoulders and a zipper that goes along the bottom and up one side, much like the style of the gift sleep sack.  I was trying to make this sleep sack larger then the original gift and I wasn't thrilled with the way it turned out.  I found it difficult to get the shoulder snaps to match just perfectly and I feel like I made them a bit too wide in the end.

The second sleep sack that I made was for my newborn niece.  For this one, I used a store-bought sleep sack (from Babies R'Us) as the prototype.  I decided to try to have the zipper come up the middle.

This one was much easier to put together, the only tricky part was completing the zipper at the bottom.  I had chosen a separable zipper (which I had never sewn before) and I made the zipper zip up towards the neck so that the opening of the sleep sack would be wide enough to fit the baby in.  After a bit of fiddling I managed to get this to work and it looked pretty good, unfortunately I didn't take a photo up close.

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